I’ve read somewhere before that there is no element as flexible and as complex as water, because even if it’s water that tears are made of, and tears being a palpable sign of weakness, only water can hold a thousand ships.

Lyka is Water; she flows free.

Her fluidity to the ways of the world that cradles her is a marvel to me. She moves with such grace and such poise, even if the world is not always kind to her.

She looks at the world with starry eyes, but with a clearer vision than most people have. And yet, she never keeps her visions to herself. She will, with sincere and great pleasure, eagerly share these to the rest of us. Maybe that is why He gave her those eyes. She can see beauty where there is not, and makes something much more beautiful out of it… Translating it through images that speak for themselves.

And her, just look at her. Her beauty is like nature, for it doesn’t have to try. She is carefully and wonderfully made, like the earth beneath her feet, like a mountain that rises so high that it almost touches the heaven’s gates. In those heights, birds fly in the clouded vastness. One day, I know, she will fly with them. And soar she will.

In the unpredictability of tomorrow, I know she is ready. She has passed the storm of storms, and she was able to swim through the depths of the ocean she was unexpectedly submerged in. She emerged from the water completely different, for nothing will ever be the same again… But she is gratefully, graciously renewed.

And why wouldn’t she be? In her very essence, she is Water…. She is safe from herself.

No one has ever written me anything as beautiful as this. Kat, your words can speak through souls. No amount of thanks can ever equate to how much gratitude I feel right now for this—for you. From the depths of my heart, thank you.

You have unequivocally brought me to tears yet again. Hahaha!

Thank you. :)

Unsure of what to say, I have been withholding these photos for a few months now. While I was at it, these have been slowly accumulating digital mold from what seems feels like a lifetime ago. The unfortunate truth there is it has been a lifetime ago.

Two months after Miko’s passing, I find myself going back to the images from our last adventure. His last. Delicately editing each one past midnight (obviously suspending any progress on thesis,) I find myself in tears. Photo after photo, the overwhelming realization of how beautiful he lived his days engulfed me.

I didn’t know when I will ever be ready to share these with all of you, but I feel that it is time. Now is time. I owe this to the world. Every one of you deserve to see the magnificence he saw, the magnificence I saw with him, the beauty I saw through him, and the beauty that is him.

Describing his last days will not do justice, but it is in my sincerest hopes that these photos will. He lived his days full of Wonder, full of Love and full of Life.

Needless to say, it was perfect.

(Part 1)

Taken on May 2, 2014 at Guimaras, Philippines.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! What camera and lens do you use? And what other accessories do you use to make a better short film/better video in general? :)

Hi! Hmm. I get this question quite a lot.

I use my Canon 5D Mark III with my 24-70mm f/2.8L, 50mm f/1.4 and 70-300mm f/4-5.6.

For shooting videos my partner and I have two Benro video tripods, a slider, a jib, a rig (and two dead monopods lol). I can live with a tripod tbh but a slider always comes in handy! :)

Artificial lights are often necessary, so we make sure we rent out red heads or blue heads each with their blue gels and diffusers.

When a video has dialogue or when shooting for film, we use Sennheiser boom mics or lapels with Zoom audio recorders.

Equipment are not limited to these, however. Shooting for film or particular projects often require far more gears. We make sure we have what requires of a scene in accordance to the project’s production value.

In any case, these are the essentials. :)

Project Y: Join the Revolution

I have filled my days with yoga, and this second and final video for Urban Ashram Manila’s Project Y was a great way to cap the week off. :) It was officially released last Friday, April 4 in the launch of Project Y. I am forever thankful for this opportunity to see and capture something I am genuinely passionate about. This project was an open door to a healthier work lifestyle that I need and have longed for.

Let’s see where this road takes me next. :)


Talents: Carla Paredes, Adi Amor, Janaka Ordonez, Andi Bañez, Lexi Payumo and JC Ty
Director of Photography and Editor: Lyka Gonzalez
Composer: Matthew Azada
Project Managers: Nina Unlay and Adi Amor
Producer: Urban Ashram Manila

janine-co asked:

Hi Lyka! Stumbled upon your blog and I was quickly scanning your photos, immediately fell in love with them! Hope to see more of your photos in my dash, more power and keep inspiring! :) x

Thank you, dear! ♡ :)

Yoga has been a big part of my life for half a year now. The tranquility and strength I acquire on the mat were two of the missing pieces in my taxing years balancing school and work. The laborious lifestyle of running one deadline after another that was hardly soothed with any sleep eventually took a toll on my health. From then on, I knew had to take a step back. I needed to give time for myself and learn to take my time.

I needed change.

Time-for-myself is Stage One in Operation Change, and I get that on every time I spend on the mat. Yoga is an opportunity to give back to myself—a chance to quiet my mind, to grow, to explore, to discover and allow myself to be surprised by what ever is ahead of my every day. Yoga, however, does not end once we step off the mat. It is just the beginning, and Stage Two is a struggle I constantly face to this day.

Take your time.

I bear this in mind before I move into a pose. Take your timeIt lets me acknowledge my body’s limitations, and the goals I can yet achieve. Don’t force yourself. Take your time. The mental battle, of course, is more exasperating when faced with things I need to do. I used to prioritize efficiency over living. I refused to take my time, as it is often at the expense of productivity. But are these what I want to live for?

Take your time.

I gave myself time as I selectively reduced my commitments and obligations over the last quarter. I took my time. I read more books and did more yoga. I allowed myself to learn more things and be surprised by possibilities. So I was.

To be able to do the things you love is one thing. To be able to do two together is another. I was given an opportunity to shoot for Urban Ashram Manila this month. Shooting Project Y's promo video allowed me to experience yoga from an alternate perspective, and this made me realize even more of its beauty. What’s best is this is just the first. :)


The convergence of passions will always be a gratifying circumstance. More than gratitude, however, the experience of perspective makes any endeavor all the more endearing. Yoga continues to be the equilibrium between the dispositions and thoughts I discern each day. Meanwhile, photography—whether in stills or in motion—will forever be a part of me. These two undertakings instilled in me seek meaning, seek surprises, seek growth, seek chances, seek time and seek Light. For as long as I allow myself, I will find them. In me. In you. In all things. Yoga and photography lie in a habit of search—the search within and the search without. Perhaps the best moments come when we find what was sought. Perhaps it’s when we are found or when we find ourselves. Perhaps it’s when the moment find us.

Take your time. You’ll be surprised with what life has to offer.

Anonymous asked:

You're so good at taking pictures!! how do you edit your pictures? it looks so sharp and relaxing if that makes sense :)))

Haha! Thank you! I use Lightroom to edit my photos and always make it a point to play with the Sharpness tool. You can pump up the Masking to smoothen the image out :)

Anonymous asked:

your photos are breath-taking. i cried whilst scrolling down just because i felt so much passion oozing from your work and i could feel it. thank you. it was a different experience looking through your eyes :)

Sincerely grateful and humbled to be able to touch lives (or at least a moment of anyone’s life) with my photographs. Thank you so much. :( This means a lot.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I was part of your LEAP class earlier. I have a question (I only asked myself about this when I was already on my way home). Who was your first client? How did they get you to shoot for the event? Also, what gears do you have by that time? Thank you very much!

Hello! Our first client was a debutante! :D A friend of ours was looking for videographers for the debut, and he happened to see us filming something in school. He contacted us separately, but we eventually found out we will be working for the same debut. That was 3 years ago, and at that time I only had my old Canon 550D + 50mm f/1.4 + kit lens + 70-300mm f/4-5.6 + a cheap tripod, while Miko had another cheap tripod, audio equipment and borrowed either a Canon 60D or 550D. It was then that we decided to invest on a DSLR rig, halogen light and video light. :D

The video light + dslr rig combo is a handy staple for event videography!